Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Great To Be Friends with A Kid with Autism

by Victoria K., 13 years-old, big sister to 9 year-old Nicholas

  1. They are extremely smart and can do your homework at any grade!
  2. They get a free, fast pass in Disney and get to feel famous with their picture taken.
  3. Can fix your broken refrigerator; or your broken anything.
  4. They are able to see the whole world through a different perspective that you’ll never have.
  5. They can show you how to work your new phone in 5 seconds flat.
  6. Might make a ton of money when they get older because of their intelligence.
  7. They’re visual thinkers and have a brain equivalent to Google Images.
  8. They never stress about the milestones in life, they care about the moment.
  9. They prove that looking directly into someone’s eyes while talking is totally not normal.
    And the number one reason to be friends with a person with autism is…
  11. Kids with autism help to offset the excessive number of boring people on earth and verify that “normal” is a dryer setting.