Parents, Grandparents, and Siblings Corner

Family members - Child with Asperger Syndrome and MotherParents, Grandparents and Siblings Corner is a section for the family members of  individuals with ASD/NLD to tell their stories or communicate their feelings about their loved ones. Any person who would like to have their story posted here, please email or USPS mail ASPEN.

Looking Back at Being an ASD Dad

Tim Monahan

Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Great To Be Friends with A Kid with Autism

Victoria K., 13 years-old, big sister to 9 year-old Nicholas

Grandparenting and Asperger’s
—Live, Learn and Love

Grandparenting is a delicate balancing act under the best of circumstances, but if your grandchild has special needs it can become a very thin tightrope. At ASPEN, we have heard the voices of grandparents of children with Asperger Syndrome (AS) and High-functioning-autism (HFA) and are addressing those concerns.

Mistakes As Therapy

Martha Hyde

Every parent has a tendency to be protective of his or her children, but as parents of a special needs child we probably have a tendency to be over-protective. This may be a disservice to him because we hope that he will be as independent as possible when he leaves the safety of our home. How can we know when to intervene on his behalf and when to just let him make the mistakes he will make and possibly suffer the consequences?

Reducing Special Needs Parent Stress

Dan Coulter

Discovering Asperger Syndrome

Dan Coulter

Asperger Syndrome and Mom’s Secret Weapon, A Mother’s Day Reflection

Dan Coulter

Asperger Syndrome – Put Those Kids To Work!

Dan Coulter

Rachel’s Love for Animals

Sherri N. Orenberg-Ruggieri

Letting Go

Sherri N. Orenberg-Ruggieri, for Rachel, September 2003

The One, The Only A. J. Wharton

Jeane Wharton, Pierre, SD

Raising Chesney

Jody Bookert, Mom to Chesney and Aja

I Love You My Special Boy

Shelly Lupton, mother of 7 year old boy, Evan

Casting Different Shadows

Love, Dad

My Son is Austin Gray

Mommie Marina

The Island is a Poem Troy Behling…

Dave and Char Behling, Janesville, Wisconsin

Ketchup Labels on Dinner Tables

Janice Peterson

David is the Perfect Gentleman

Margaret Bruce

Night Peace

Jennifer Vroom Braun

Come Back Jack

A website by Robert Parish, about his son Jack

My Child

Marla DeBruin


Elly, Mom of Josh, age 3-1/2, with AS

The Real James

Erin Duffy, Proud Mom of James age 4 Dx Asperger Syndrome
Member, ASPEN, Middlesex/Union Counties Chapter

But The Music Speaks

Lynn Siegel, Mother of Jeremy