Articles about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

General Information

Future Prepping Your Child

by Dan Coulter

My Mind Is A Web Browser: How People With Autism Think

by Temple Grandin
Cerebrum, 2000; Winter Vol. 2, Number 1, pp. 14-22, The Charles A. Dana Foundation, New York, NY

Autism and Law Enforcement: 25 Field Response Tips

by Dennis Debbaudt

Teaching What Matters

by Daniel Coulter, Coulter Video

Asperger Syndrome: Through The Lifespan

by Stephen Bauer, MD

Asperger Syndrome: Assessment And Diagnosis

Klin and Volkmar (LDA 1995)

The Australian Scale for Asperger Syndrome

Garnett and Attwood

Unraveling the Neuropsychological Assessment

by Katherine D. Tsatsanis, Ph.D. and Fred R. Volkmar, M.D.

Pervasive Developmental Disorder: Asperger Syndrome

James Brasic, MD of Johns Hopkins

Asperger Syndrome

Rosalyn Lord

AS or ADHD? Alphabet Soup

Jed E. Baker, Ph.D.

NJ Psychologist Magazine

Articles from the Fall 2000 Issue

School Related

Emerging Practices for Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum in Higher Education: A Guide for Higher Education Professionals

Currently, only a limited number of colleges across the nation offer specialized supports that address the needs of the increasing number of college students on the autism spectrum pursuing postsecondary degrees. However, the 1 in 125 children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in 1996 are starting to arrive at college campuses, and more recent numbers indicate the diagnosis rate has risen to 1 in 68, over half of whom will have average or above average intellectual ability and be collegebound (CDC, 2014). These dramatically increasing numbers within higher education will change the nature of how we support students, yet there is a lack of information available concerning effective support models. To address the scarcity of information, this guide incorporates the ideas and successful practices of higher education professionals at postsecondary institutions who have worked with their universities to establish effective supports for students with ASD. It is the goal of this collaborative effort to facilitate the development of postsecondary initiatives to ensure that students with ASD will find support in campus communities nationwide. This guide will provide higher education professionals with a systematic and practical resource to guide them in the development of a university specific support model for students with ASD.

College Planning for the High Functioning Student With Autism

Lars Perner, Ph.D.

College is a tremendous opportunity for many individuals on the autistic spectrum. Little has been written on preparing for college, as opposed to surviving once there. This preparation should ideally have an early start. Based on the speaker’s own experiences both as a college professor and an individual on the autistic spectrum, strategies for selecting colleges, handling high school course work, and taking standardized exams are discussed. Using strengths to compensate for areas of difficulty is emphasized.

Play Hearts, Not Poker

Jennifer L. Bollero, Esq.

As an attorney, arbitrator, mediator and loving mother of an autistic daughter, I have a unique perspective on the process by which families prepare their children’s Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

Understanding the Student With Asperger’s Syndrome: Guidelines for Teachers

Karen Williams

University of Michigan Medical Center, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital

Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism

Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Colorado State University

Educating the Student with Asperger Syndrome

Courtesy of Saskatchewan Education Special Education Unit, Canada

Tips For Teaching High Functioning People With Autism

Moreno and O’Neal

How to Get the Most From Your IEP Meeting

Herbert D. Hinkle, Esq. and Ira M. Fingles, Esq., Hinkle, Fingles & Prior,  Attorneys at Law

Asperger Syndrome – Classroom Success Next Year

Dan Coulter, Coulter Productions

The Hidden Curriculum

Brenda Smith Myles

Blinded By Their Strengths: The Topsy-Turvy World of Asperger’s Syndrome

Diane Twachtman-Cullen

Executive Functioning

Alex Michaels

Functional Behavioral Assessment

Stephen Starin, Ph.D.

Lessons Learned From First Year of College

Julie Coulter

Social Skills and Bullying

The Case of the Perfect Misplacement

Article from the Yale Child Study Center written especially for ASPEN

Understanding Friends

A program to educate children about differences, and to foster empathy by Catherine Faherty Asheville TEACCH Center reprinted by permission

Zero Tolerance and Special Education

Surviving Middle School

Elizabeth Lewandowski

Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones…

Jed E. Baker, Ph.D.

One-on-One Playdates

Marsha Parrish

Adult Issues

Different for Decades: Adults with Asperger Syndrome strive to fit in

Kathleen O’Brien, Star-Ledger Staff

Reprinted from the Sunday Star-Ledger, Sunday, November 14, 2004

Choosing the Right Job for People with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome

Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Colorado State University

Autism and Law Enforcement: 25 Field Response Tips

Dennis Debbaudt