Online Support Groups

The following links lead to websites that ASPEN has found helpful in learning more about Asperger Syndrome. The websites listed here are not associated with ASPEN and are for educational purposes only.

Ned’s Place (for Aspies and HFA’s)
Blog, post or get information on Aspie Rights, find out how to do that hard to do thing from Aspies who’ve conquered it, or just be silly and exchange jokes. We march to an even more different drummer! Come and join our community.

IEP Listserv on YAHOO
A ListServ allows you to join an ongoing an e-mail “chat” on a specific topic. This particular ListServ consists of a group of parents discussing IEP-related issues.

Autism Town Meeting

Michigan listserve and discussion group for Adults in the Autism Spectrum

Contact for more information.

Online Support Group for Partners of AS Adults

The Sibling Support Project
SibKids Listserv by The Arc. Support group for siblings of kids with special needs out of Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. The Internet’s only listserv for young brothers and sisters of kids with special needs!

The Friendship Circle Listserv For Kids
A support list for kids with neurological disorders as well as kids who have siblings with neurological disorders. This is a safe place for kids to seek support, or just make friends and talk about kid stuff. The list is moderated by the mother of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome.